About ICON Investments

ICON Investments was founded in January 1999 in Manhattan Kansas, as an investment and commercial property management company, with the vision of providing excellent property management services while contributing to downtown's revitalization. We believe downtown Manhattan is a great place to work, live, shop, eat and be entertained! Our properties offer unique opportunities for specialized spaces within the heart of downtown Manhattan. Many of our buildings are historical and we strive to preserve their historical essence while incorporating new and fresh creative design concepts for retail, restaurant, and work spaces. Our central location provides optimal opportunities for new startup businesses as well as local and national businesses that are looking for additional prime locations. Our professional and knowledgeable staff can assist you from start to finish in finding the perfect space and location to help your business achieve success!

 ICON Investments Offers:

  • Prime Locations for Lease
  • Quality Retail/Restaurant/Office Spaces
  • Floor to Ceiling Renovations
  • Design and Built to Suit
  • Full Service Property Management Team
  • Commercial Building Common Area Cleaning and Maintenance Staff
  • Tenant and Owner Online Portals for Reports, Rent Payment and Maintenance Requests